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Diversity is important to us and patients we serve

Embracing diversity at LifeLong Medical Care means understanding, respecting, and valuing people's differences, visible or invisible, including but not limited to race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, and age.

Recognizing and applying diversity of perspectives, skills, and talents engages our employees and patients, which strengthens our decision-making. Ensuring that diversity is sought, valued, and respected is critical to our organization’s success and is a core expectation for LifeLong leaders.

Our commitment to diversity empowers us to generate unique insights and ideas, create solutions, and deliver innovation to improve outcomes for individual patients. We invest in and nurture relationships with diverse groups of partners, advocates, suppliers, and community organizations that help us better serve those patients. These relationships extend our efforts to help reduce health disparities and to address the unique needs of our communities.

At LifeLong, we are proud of our diversity and the essential role it plays in helping us accomplish our mission.

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