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LifeLong Medical Care Supports Berkeley Measures O and P To Create a Healthier Community

LifeLong Medical Care supports Berkeley Measures O and P because the health, wellness, and diversity of our community require the City to invest in more affordable and workforce housing.

Here are some of the reasons LifeLong Medical Care supports these measures:

  • Lack of affordable housing has become a public health issue. It affects our patients’ health and our ability to recruit and retain highly qualified employees.
    • Our patients, a majority of whom are surviving on low incomes and MediCal, experience increased hardships and health outcomes when faced with rising rents, unstable living conditions, and possible eviction.
    • The lack of affordable housing for our workforce puts a strain on our ability to recruit and retain a highly-qualified health care workforce equipped to serve a patient population with increasing needs.
  • With an aging population and growing numbers of homeless individuals and families in Berkeley, the City needs to increase Supportive Housing and Senior Housing units.
    • We need to increase the pool of funding available in the Housing Trust Fund so that we can leverage resources for more low-income senior housing and housing with supportive services for people who have experienced homelessness, substance-use disorders, and mental-health challenges.
    • With Measure O, projects like the supportive housing on Berkeley Way or Senior Housing on 6th Street could become a reality.
  • Resources designed to address the complexities facing homeless individuals and families are needed to ensure the health of our community.
    • Individuals and families experiencing homelessness need access to housing, supportive services, and employment to become socially and economically stable.
    • People who have experienced life on the streets need access services ranging from mental health, social services, substance-use treatment, job training, and other supports to create economic and social stability.

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