LifeLong Connect Patient Portal---Quick Reference


With LifeLong Connect Patient Portal, you can connect with LifeLong through a convenient, safe and secure environment using your home computer, tablet, or smart phone, to perform a variety of tasks including booking appointments, requesting medication renewals, and making payments.


The enrollment process allows you to sign up for a LifeLong Connect Patient Portal account, which provides access to your medical information.The only requirement is an email account and a password, referred to as a token.

If you are a patient at Richmond Health Center, East Oakland Health Center, Ashby Health Center (formerly, Berkeley Primary Care), West Berkeley Health Center, or the Over Sixty Health Center and would like to enroll online, please click here.

If you are a patient at one of the other LifeLong Health Centers, please call 510-981-4100 for more information.

Log On to your LifeLong Connect
Patient Portal Account

After you successfully enroll in LifeLong Connect Patient Portal, you can access your account using information in the confirmation you will receive.

User Name and Password Recovery

You can reset your password:

  • By selecting the Need help with your user name and password link on the Log In page
  • Selecting Account Settings from the Settings tab
  • Asking your health center for a reset token.


Use the commands under the Mail tab to view sent and received messages and correspondence with LifeLong.

Viewing Mail

  • To display incoming messages, documents, forms, statements, etc. from your practice, select Inbox. New mail also displays on the Home tab.
  • To display all messages and items that you sent to practices, select Sent Items.
  • To view an item, select a Type (messages, documents, etc.) and then click the item to view it.


Composing Messages

To create and send a message, select Compose Message.

Sending a Response

To send a response, open a message from your Inbox and click Reply. Enter your response and click Send.

Submitting Templates

[currently not available]

To complete practice-specific forms, open it from your Inbox, complete the information and click Submit Completed Forms.

Submitting an Interactive Medical Forms

To complete generic medical forms sent by LifeLong, open it form the Inbox, complete the information and click Submit.


Use the commands under the Schedule tab to manage and view appointments. Upcoming appointments also display on the Home tab.

Requesting Appointments

To submit an appointment request, select Request Appointment, complete the information, submit the request and wait for a response.

Note: Submitting an appointment request does not guarantee an actual appointment with your physician. It must be confirmed by the practice before it is considered as a booked appointment.

Making a Payment

To make a payment, open the statement, click Make Payment, enter the requested information and click Submit.

Managing Statement Notifications

To configure the preferences to receive electronic statements, select Statements from the Settings tab.


To renew a medication, select Renew Medications from the Renew Medications tab, complete the requested information and click Submit. A response from your practices for your renewal is sent to your Inbox.

Multi-Language Support

LifeLong Connect Patient Portal provides multi-language support. The website displays in English by default. You can change your preferred language before or after you logon.

Multiple User Accounts

The user list on the top-right section displays the nameof the logged in user. The user list also displays a list of the persons or dependents whose accounts you manage, if you have set this up.

Home Page

The Home page will display after you have successfully completed the enrollment process. Use the tabs at thetop of the page to navigate through the LifeLong Connect Patient Portal website.

When your health center responds to an appointment request, medication renewal, or other request, or uploads a document, a notification is sent to your LifeLong Connect Patient Portal email account.


Use the commands under the Settings tab to update your personal information.

Personal Settings

To view and update your name, addresses and phone numbers, select My Information.

To update the user name, password, security question and forgot password question, select Account Settings.

Manage User Grants

To view information about dependent accounts that you manage, or who manages your LifeLong Portal account, select Manage User Grants.

Booking Real-Time Appointments

To find and book an appointment in real-time, select Request Appointment, complete the information including, select a date and time and click Submit.

Accepting Pending Appointments

When viewing pending appointments from your Inbox, a "Pending" appointment indicates that the practice is waiting for your response. You must accept the request to schedule the appointment.

My Chart

Use the commands under the My Chart tab to view clinical data or request a Personal Health Record (PHR) that contains your medical information. See PHR below.

Viewing your Chart

[currently not available; see PHR below]

To display a record of my allergies, visits, medications, conditions, etc., select View My chart and select a Visit Date.

Saving your Chart

[currently not available]

To download and save your chart as a PDF, open your chart, click Download My Data and then click Save.

Sending your Chart to Another Provider

[currently not available – contact your health center to request]

To send your chart to another provider, open your chart, click Send, enter the requested information and click Send Request.

Obtaining and Viewing your Patient Health Record (PHR)

To request a PHR, select Request Health Record, and click Submit. When the health record is sent to you, it displays as a new item in your Inbox.
Open the PHR from your Inbox to view it.


You may view your statements and make payments online.

Health Information & Research

For access to general Health Information, select the Research tab. This will provide access to view the Healthwise® Health Information Knowledgebase, an online health encyclopedia.

Viewing a Statement

To view a statement, open it from your Inbox or from the Payments tab.

Logout of your LifeLong Connect Patient Portal Account

To log out of your LifeLong Connect Patient Portal account, click the Logout link at the top of the page. If LifeLong Connect Patient Portal does not detect any activity for more than 20 minutes, the system automatically logs you out.


A more complete user guide is available at LifeLong’s website: User Guide

If you need assistance, please call 510 981 4100.

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