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Budget office: Senate health bill adds 22 million uninsured

The Senate Republican health care bill would leave 22 million more Americans uninsured in 2026 than under President Barack Obama's health care law, the Congressional Budget Office estimated Monday, complicating GOP leaders' hopes of pushing the plan



House OKs new healthcare bill to replace Obamacare, May 04, WASHINGTON

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The House of Representatives have narrowly approved a bill to erase much of Obama's health care law, answering campaign pledge and sending the measure to the the Senate.

President Trump and House Republican leaders held meetings late Wednesday trying to broker a deal within their party between moderates and House Freedom Caucus conservatives who had been at odds over the direction of the GOP health care bill.

House to vote on health care repeal Thur 0 3266787 ver1.0 640 360The breakthrough came after moderate Rep. Fred Upton (R-Michigan) proposed an amendment to add $8 billion over five years to help people with pre-existing conditions pay for insurance coverage.


GOP health plan to cost older, poorer Californians far more, March 13

The health care bill proposed by House Republicans would disproportionately affect older and poorer Californians by shrinking federal assistance to hundreds of thousands of older people who buy plans on Covered California and by reducing federal funding to Medi-Cal, the insurance program for the poor, experts say.

The American Health Care Act, the GOP proposal to replace the Affordable Care Act, includes two provisions that health care experts calculate would lead to lower-income Californians in their 50s and 60s paying more for health care.


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A new plan to save Bay Area hospitals from closure, February 27, Oakland

OAKLAND — Bay Area politicians unveiled a new plan aimed at stopping a wave of hospital closures in California, including Berkeley’s Alta Bates Hospital, slated for closure as early as 2020, by giving the state Attorney General the authority to review the impact of the decision before allowing it to move forward.

The legislation, authored by state Sen. Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley), focuses on not-for-profit hospitals, such as Kaiser, Alta Bates and Summit. Under current law, California hospitals are only required to give a 90-day notice to the Department of Public Health prior to shutting down operations. If passed, the hospital would also be required to hold at least one public hearing.


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U.S. Health Spending in 2015 Averaged Nearly $10,000 Per Person, December 2, Washington

WASHINGTON — Total spending on health care in the United States increased last year at the fastest rate since the 2008 recession, reaching $3.2 trillion, or an average of nearly $10,000 a person, the Department of Health and Human Services reported on Friday.

The growth coincided with continuing increases in the number of Americans with insurance coverage, through private health plans or Medicaid.

Federal spending on health care has increased by 21 percent over the past two years, as millions of Americans gained coverage through the Affordable Care Act, the department said in its annual report on health spending.


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New urgent care centers gaining ground in Bay Area, Berkeley, October 2, 2016

BERKELEY (KTVU) -- For patients who need emergency healthcare but aren't suffering from life threatening injuries, a new alternative is available to Bay Area residents.

One such center called LifeLong Immediate Care is one of a growing number of new urgent care clinics that are gaining ground in Northern California.

"There's not enough primary care doctors at this time to give everybody a regular guaranteed office visit at a moment’s notice so the urgent care clinics are taking that role," says Dr. Doug Spurr, a physician at LifeLong Immediate Care.

For patients who have a minor injury or illness and can skip a trip to the emergency room, LifeLong Medical Care in Berkeley may be an alternative. The company has a second center in San Pablo and is planning to open another campus in Richmond.



Rodeo Health Center is now open.

Thank you all for coming out to celebrate the Rodeo Health Center opening with us!

Special thanks to Supervisor Federal Glover, Housing Director Beth Campbell, Lifelong Board Member, Christie Kiefer and our Board Chair, Kevin Williams for joining us and supporting our event.

Thank you!


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Actor Danny Glover Joins Bay Area Physicians in Public Debate About Securing Needed Health Care Resources in West Contra Costa County; Sponsored by LifeLong Medical Care, Richmond, September 22, 2016

The event was sponsored by LifeLong Medical Care, a Federally Qualified Health Center serving 52,000 community members each year in the San Francisco Bay Area. Many of LifeLong's patients live below the Federal Poverty Level ($23,850 annual income for a household of four.)

"The event engaged participants in a dialogue on matters of personal health and community investment," said LifeLong Executive Director and CEO Marty Lynch. "Attendees also learned about available urgent and primary health care services provided by LifeLong Medical Care, which is helping fill a vital need in West Contra Costa County," he said.


Panel highlights ‘health care desert’ worries in Richmond, September 1, 2016

A Wednesday night panel discussion on the state of health care in Richmond and West Contra Costa county—places one attendee labeled “health care deserts”—underscored the community’s anxiety over access to medical treatment.

The event, held at the East Bay Center for the Performing Arts, was sponsored by LifeLong Medical Care, a Bay Area nonprofit that provides health, dental and chronic disease care to underserved populations. The organization operates health centers in Alameda, Marin and Contra Costa Counties, including three locations in Richmond.


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Covered California Rate Increases of 13% will Make Health Insurance Unaffordable for Some, says LifeLong Medical Care CEO Marty Lynch

Covered California health care rate increases of about 13% in 2017 will make it more difficult for people to afford health care coverage next year, says LifeLong Medical Care CEO Marty Lynch in a KTVU-TV news story July 19.

The story was taped at LifeLong Medical Care's Ashby facility in Berkeley.

People should shop around for health care coverage. If you would like to register to be a patient at LifeLong Medical Care call (510) 981-3250. Patient advocates can register you and will assist/enroll you in any insurance, MediCal, or other health care funding program.

The KTVU-TV news story is below:


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