"Crowds and COVID: East Bay doctor encourages protesters to be tested", June 22, 2020

OAKLAND, Calif. (Amy Larson | KRON) — Are crowds OK again despite COVID-19? There was a lot of chatter on Twitter about that question over the weekend during Juneteenth celebrations, George Floyd marches, and other large public events held around the Bay Area. The coronavirus hasn’t vanished overnight, especially without a vaccine available yet.

For people who are passionate about attending marches and rallies during a historic moment for empowering Black communities in America, two steps are essential for protecting one’s health, East Bay doctor Kim Nguyen told KRON4.

First, always wear a mask to protect yourself from becoming infected or spreading it to someone else, she said. Second, go to a COVID-19 testing site to be tested. The best time to receive a test for the most accurate results is five days after you have been in a crowd, said Nguyen, an associate medical director at LifeLong Medical Care.

Balancing the importance of containing the pandemic and fighting racism is a delicate matter. Both the virus and police brutality have disproportionately claimed Black and Latino lives.

“We want to be in solidarity with people who are taking those risks to go outside and protest. If there is any reason to ignore those public health risks, this is the biggest one. So we want to make sure the Read more >>

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