Chabot College Gives LifeLong Medical Care Employee Faculty Excellence Award; Walter Wilson Named Outstanding Health Care Leadership Student

BERKELEY, CA – Chabot College has selected Walter Wilson, LifeLong Medical Care’s Pharmacy Program Compliance Coordinator, to receive the college’s faculty award for excellence as an outstanding business student in their health care leadership course.

The award is based on Wilson’s “excellent academic performance and positive professional contributions inside and outside of class,” according to Rob Leadbeater, Health Care Instructor at Chabot.

“I have a desire, I have a goal I want to meet. I want to contribute and make things better not only for the community and our patients but also for LifeLong Medical Care,” said 59-year-old Wilson.

Wilson is taking human resource management and financial management in health care organizations, as well as health care management. Although he had management experience before he started working at LifeLong Medical Care nine years ago, he said he really wanted to learn more specifically about management in a health care environment.

He takes all of his classes online, which requires “a lot of perseverance and good time management.” Wilson also works full time and is a single parent.

Wilson was chosen from a large group of exemplary candidates, according to Chabot. He was honored at a special awards ceremony May 10.

About LifeLong Medical Care: LifeLong Medical Care is an innovative, non-profit Federally Qualified Health Center serving Alameda, Contra Costa, and Marin Counties with 14 health centers, two Dental Centers, an Adult Day Health Center, three school-based health centers, a Supportive Housing Program, and Urgent Care services. For more information visit: www.lifelongmedical.org.

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